Psycho-sensory Techniques and Principles (Psy-Tap)

What is it?

Psy-Tap (Psycho-sensory Techniques and Principles),has neuro-science and neurobiology theory underpinning its effectiveness. It uses techniques such as VCART (visual coding and re-patterning technique) or TFT (thought field therapy) to interrupt the usual pattern of thought in order to prevent unwanted feelings, emotions or responses. Psy-Tap is fast acting and permanent.

How does it work?

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) alleviates psychological distress by manipulating how energy flows in the body. The technique works by tapping with two fingers on certain points on their body usually around the face and hands, releasing blockages in the body’s meridian system there by releasing trapped emotions.

Visual Coding and Re-patterning Technique uses torch light and eye movement to change the way memories are stored. This change prevents you from experiencing the feeling associated with a particular memory.

The result

Psy-Tap was developed specifically for today’s time poor society and focuses on rapid acting techniques. You will be surprised how quickly you change your thought process, way of thinking or control your emotions just by implementing these simple strategies. You can also be guided to implement these strategies outside the session so you can continue your own therapy at home.

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