Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is it?

NLP explores the dynamic relationships between our mind (neurology), language (linguistics) and how they affect our behaviour (programming). It is a powerful change tool which enables you to easily and rapidly shift your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviours.

NLP can enable you to change your perception and communicate more effectively with yourself and others. This can help you take steps towards your personal or professional goals and open up a new world of opportunity. The technique is widely used in the corporate world to enhance performance. Understanding how the brain functions is key to mastering this technique. In simple terms, NLP serves as an “instruction manual” or “software for the brain”.

How does it work?

An NLP therapist will use language to identify your preferred representational system. This is your own personal bias to one sensory system above all others. With this information, they will choose which techniques you will respond to and encourage you to challenge limiting beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

The result

You don’t need to have a specific problem to solve in order to benefit from NLP although it can also be used effectively to eliminate fears and phobias. It is a powerful and recognised coaching tool and is used to help individuals achieve their professional or personal goals. It can promote skills such as self-reflection, confidence building and enhanced communication.

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