About Michael Gee and Tameside Hypnotherapy

Meet Michael

Michael is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, certified Havening practitioner, CBT practitioner and Advanced TFT therapist. His holistic approach uses a considered blend of various techniques, uniquely formulated for the individual client.

His personal journey with hypnotherapy for weight loss triggered his passion for complementary therapies. This led to a drastic career change, relatively late in his working life. Determined to help others overcome their own personal and professional challenges, Michael set about learning from the best practitioners in the field. He spent years developing his skills alongside the likes of Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler, John La Valle and Dr Ronald Ruden, before setting up his own practice from his home in Tameside. 

Michael’s experience as both a patient and a therapist helped him to develop the empathetic approach that he shows his clients. His calm, relaxed, professional persona is met with enthusiasm for helping others make positive changes for a successful, fulfilling life.

Specialist  Techniques


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Thought Field
Therapy (TFT)

Psycho-sensory Techniques and Principles (Psy-Tap)

Qualifications & Training

Post Graduate Professional Diploma in Management

NLP Master practitioner and Hypnotic practitioner, NLP and Hypnosis

Master practitioner Diploma, Hypnotherapy,

Advanced Meridian Therapy Training, TFT. Thought Field Therapy

Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Hypnotherapy/Hypnotherapist

Diploma CBT, CBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Havening ADT (HADT) Practitioner, Havening ADT psychosensory therapy


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