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Havening is a new psychosenory therapy that was originally created by Dr. Ronald A. Ruden. Author of “When the Past is always present” Havening is ideally suited …

Richard Bandler with Michael Gee - Tameside Hypnotherapy and NLP


Tameside Hypnotherapy's Michael Gee and His Experience & Qualifications

It's important when choosing a therapist, whether it's for loosing weight, giving up smoking or any other condition, to make sure they've got a decent level of qualifications. Lots of people can make all sorts of claims online but it's hard to know whether to trust them or not. So what I've done here is give you a summary of my training, experiences and continuous professional development. Importantly I've also got photos to prove that I have trained with some of the great teachers in the field. Click here to see a full list of my therapist qualifications and certificates.

Some of Michael Gee's Professional Qualifications and Experience

  • I attended Paul McKenna's weight loss seminar January 2005. By September 2005 (9 months) I loss 4 stone. So when I work with clients to help with weight loss I'm able to draw on personal experience of techniques which actually work!
  • Sept 2005 I attended the NLP practitioner course with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler the co-creator of NLP and Michael Neill life coach to the stars and Paul's coach. While on the course I told Paul about my weight loss and showed him my "before photo" after qualifying as a NLP practitioner I started assisting on Paul's weight loss seminars.
  • In May 2006 I studied with Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler and John La Valle. I completed and qualified as a NLP master practitioner and Hypnotic Practitioner.
  • I continued to assist on Paul's weight loss seminars until 2009.
Paul McKenna and Michael Gee

Training with Paul McKenna at another Workshop

John La Valle and Michael Gee 2006

2006 at a training course with John La Valle (shown), Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna

Assisting Paul McKenna on Weight Loss Training Courses

Michael Gee Assisted Paul McKenna with his "Weight Loss Courses" for a number of years.

Michael Gee with John Lavalle

Training with John La Valle and Richard Bandler

I started my training journey training with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler over ten years ago in 2005 completing my NLP practitioner and NLP master practitioner. From 2005 to 2009 I regularly assisted on Paul's weight loss seminars and I learned Paul's weight loss system from the inside out and the NLP applications related to weight loss. Paul as become a good friend over the years. I also wanted to study with other schools of therapy so I went on to complete a master practitioner diploma in clinical hypnotherapy in 2008 in Liverpool with the British ethical school of therapies. In addition to the qualifications listed with my certificates I have completed numerous specialist courses such as gastric band weight loss (two courses), Anorexia and bulimia and other eating disorders, Depression (CBT based), Past life regression, Pain relief and management. I am constantly working to develop my skills further and regularly attend a monthly NLP practice group and quarterly hypnotherapy supervision meetings.

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