Manchester Havening

Wednesday 8th April 2015

Havening in Manchester.

Havening is a new psychosenory therapy that was originally created by Dr. Ronald A. Ruden. Author of “When the Past is always present” Havening is ideally suited to help people with PTSD, traumas and Phobias. Other psychosenory therapies include: Emotional Free Techniques (EFT) Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT).
Recent research as shown when a traumatic event happens to a person the memory can be “encoded” into part of their brain. This part of the brain is the fear centre and is called the amygdala. The process of havening de-links the emotional overwhelm from the memory. Afterwards the person may still remember the traumatic event but the memory will no longer have the emotional upset for the person. After a successful havening session the change is permanent because the amygdala has been “de-potentiated”.
Havening is very effective in removing phobia’s traumatically encoded memories, pathological emotions, anxiety, grief, somatic pain and many other conditions.

The three main components of “event” havening are:
1. Activation of an emotional event by recall;
2 .Havening touch which is applied to the arms, face and palm;
3. Distraction techniques such as visualizing and counting;

The havening touch can be applied by the person themselves or by a certified havening practitioner.
I attended the world’s first havening practitioner course and I am certified by Ronald Ruden himself.
If you are suffering from a past trauma, phobia or anxiety disorder, please contact me through my website

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